• TG vision
  • All products and services of TriGem Computer create new value based on ‘Customer-Oriented Mind’.
“’TG’ values three treasures;Human, Technology, and Service.
What does customer want? That’s where ‘TG’ is heading for.

TriGem Computer is not just a manufacturing company of simple computer information devices.
You can find TriGem Computer’s spirits in every product of TriGem Computer.
TriGem Computer’s spirits is ‘Customer-Oriented Mind’.
TriGem Computer creates the value of products through customer-oriented mind.
Corporates can achieve a success when maximizing customer’s satisfaction using all management resources they have.
In other words, the manufacturer makes utmost efforts for customer’s value criteria and enhance that value.

With the advent of smart world, the biggest worries of TriGem Computer was how to find customers’ needs in the market.
Even though the PC market is declining, we focused on the trend that computer has not been vanished but functionally expanded to a variety of devices, and devoted our efforts to satisfy various needs resulted from customer’s computing experiences.
TriGem Computer approaches all with new ways and views digital life from different angle, so we present new concept products and services such as large display monitor, convertible PC, tablet PC, contents open market, and smart learning etc..

At TriGem Computer, we hope to provide higher quality products at affordable price.

Further, we hope to help everyone in the world enjoying informational benefits and quality life. Based on its corporate spirits ‘Customer-Oriented Mind’, TriGem Computer makes efforts to produce the product and value to maximize customers’ satisfaction. Beyond the reputation for PC company, we will be trusted by customers with various products which lead future educational environment and new digital life trend.